Get a Fresh Look for Summer

Get a Fresh Look for Summer
Lisamarie Wilson is the “beauty” behind the blog Beauty Crazed (although many might insist she is the other half of that name). Expect to see her any day now on "Hoarders: Beauty Edition!"

As you shed heavier clothes, remember that summer is also a great time for lightening up your makeup routine. Here are five tips to achieve an easy, carefree summer beauty look!

1. Perfect your canvas. My summer foundation pick is tinted moisturizer. It’s a great timesaver, especially if you pick one that contains SPF. Don’t have the funds to shell out for something new? Can’t find one in the perfect shade? Take a dollop of your usual foundation and add it to some light moisturizer -- instant and custom tint!

2. Slather on sunblock. Tans are pretty, but burns can lead to serious skin issues down the road, so don’t forget this important step. The fairer you are, the higher your protection number should be. If they had SPF 2,000, that’s what I would be wearing.

3. You glow girl! Fake a healthy, sun-kissed look with bronzer. Swipe it any place the sun would normally kiss your skin. Just remember you want to look sun-kissed, not sun-sledgehammered! Match your bronzer colour to the shade to which you would normally tan, and avoid shimmer if you want to draw attention away from lines or wrinkles.

4. Pop some colour. Bright lips and/or tips are hot this summer, so don’t be scared of an orange lip, a turquoise toe -- or both!

5. Waterproof yourself! I don’t approve of running when it comes to exercise or makeup, so switch to waterproof liners and mascara once it gets humid. Smoky eyes are sexy; raccoon eyes … not so much!

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